The Duke AIDS Research & Treatment Center Community Advisory Board Fund - Durham, NC


Since 1995, the DART CAB has sponsored HIV-community treatment updates and outreach educational events for at-risk populations. These events are centered around HIV-awareness building, demystifying HIV & medical clinical research, HIV co-infections, social problems and other educational topics that people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS experience.  

We learned from patient surveys in 2012 that patients, families and those at risk for HIV were eager to learn more about accessing social services, HIV-basics, sexually transmitted infections, clinical trials, ethical clinical practices, and other complications with HIV. In the past year, we have reached over 300 persons with our educational programs.

While there are experts who write and speak to professional audiences about these issues, our patients and those at risk for these problems do not have access to these materials and talks and do not know how to incorporate these findings into their every-day care. 


At a local community center for chronically mentally disabled people, one woman asked, "I never understood that my depression could be part of my HIV. I just let it go. No one ever answered my they didn't have the time and didn't care." This woman had not been taking her medications because she did not understand and did not feel that anyone cared enough about her.  After the outreach, she felt empowered enough to address her questions and concerns with her medical provider and proactively take control of her illness.  

These educational updates are important because the speakers take the time to answer each question and go to the location where the attendees feel most comfortable. We strongly believe that research and technological advances must be paired with educational outreach in order to end HIV/AIDS. Please click the button below to give generously to this project, today!