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Your funds will directly help GCC eradicate determinants in health, education and social inequalities. GCC works with zero overhead and 100% of all donations go directly to supporting our partner organizations.

Select a partner to earmark your entire donation for their projects. Or, choose to make a General Fund Donation. The General Fund helps us fill the gaps with programs and provide emergency support to our partners as needed.


We love checks! A donation by check means zero percent of your donation goes to Pay Pal and other credit institutions.

To earmark a gift to a specific partner via check, simply notate on the check the name of the Partner.

Checks can be made out to Global Connections for Change and be mailed to:
Global Connections for Change
53 Green Mill Lane
Durham, NC 27707


Moshi Youth CAB ~  Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


Moshi Youth CAB has supported over 400 young people of Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Through Moshi Youth CAB activities youth learn about HIV and other important health issues that impact their community. Moshi Youth CAB offers leadership trainings and workshops. Members become advocates for the community.  More information →

Douglas Thomas Memorial CARE Fund

Doug March 2013.jpg

The “Care Fund” was established when it became evident that AIDS patients were unable to access the usual financial services available to other sick and terminally ill persons, mainly due to stigma. The fund provides short-term emergency assistance to fill these gaps. More information →


DART Community Advisory Board


The DART CAB  sponsors HIV-community treatment updates and outreach educational events for at-risk populations. These events are centered around HIV-awareness building, demystifying HIV & medical clinical research, social problems and other educational topics that people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS experience.   More information →

Alcaldía Maya ~ Mayan Council of El Quiche


The Mayan Council works within a small municipality located in the department of El Quiché, Guatemala to empower the municipality's indigenous population through educational workshops, conflict-resolution services and cultural activities. More information →