Feelings through art

When all the other sessions were running monthly, between we had couple of youth were meeting every weekend for painting. They decided to do that because they wanted to express their feeling through art, and they made a video of them painting a world that is surrounded by snake by explaining that, snake can be HIV or STIGMA, so the world we are living now is surrounded by diseases like HIV and STIGMA is still alive. Then they went and show big CAB what they have been working on and everyone was excited to see the video.

Challenges during painting:

Girls came for few days and left so during video shooting they were not there so the video looks gender imbalance, as well as the number of all the youth agreed to come, were less.

Program youth were using to edit video didn’t allow them to put subtitle so now we are looking on finding another program so we can put English subtitle on the video they did make

This is the beginning of a video that is demonstrates stigma for those who have HIV. The Moshi Health Youth CAB has been studying and discussing Stigma in at least three sessions this past year and decided that they would like to make a video of their painting project that shows the intensity of their feelings about Stigma.
Chrissy Dideriksen