What Is CAB By Happy

As youth proposed in their last meeting, they would like to know what is CAB, Happy was chosen to be the one to lead the session.

She started by asking if there is anyone knows what CAB does to see what youth knows about the CAB. Half of the youth knew CAB is involved with research and so they are there to represent community, while half of the youth they didn’t know because it was their first time to be in the CAB.

Happy starts to explain what is CAB by saying:

CAB stands for Community Advisory Board. The CAB is made of people from the community who come together to learn and get updates about HIV research from doctors, nurses, and researchers. CAB members then take that knowledge to the community. CAB members bring feedback from the community to the doctors and researchers.

They are community representatives.

Why CAB is important?

  • To educate the community about research through outreach.

  • To bring together people who are affected and infected by HIV (So we can learn together)

  • To be able to network with other CABs or people in the community.

  • To be able to understand HIV research 

  • CAB is important because it acts like a bridge between community and researchers.

Advantages of CAB

  • It increases our knowledge of things we know or we don’t know about research through doctors and researchers.

  • Making friends

  • To be able to know what are community needs.

Being a CAB member, you are the first person to know and learn about research before that information goes to the community

Happy ended the session by reminding all youth to make sure they are coming to the meetings. When they come they are learning something because now they know how important is CAB and how important they are to the community they are from.

We end the meeting and planned for May meeting and youth wanted someone to come and teach about drug adherence.

Chrissy Dideriksen