Ema on Breaking out of the Echo Chambers challenge

On this month we did discuss about breaking out of the echo chambers challenge and youth were real interested. They picked 16 youths to participate on this by meeting every weekends before the deadline and if possible and if time will allow to make three different videos based on stigma, HIV test awareness for youth and another one has to be inform of song and to be videotaping, then we will send a link to Positive Action Challenges for competition.

We had enough time to brainstorm ideas and how to make it happen and the main challenge is the budget to meet every weekend for preparation and make those videos happen. So youth were asking if there is availability of fund to do this and I(Ema) said I will make a small budget and help them to request fund(from Trish) and I will let them know if they will be able to get fund so they can start right away.

The other challenge is availability of the youth, most of the youth are still in school and they won’t be available on the week days, so the total of all the days they will be meeting in weekends until the deadline are 8 days. So they are a bit worrying if they will be able to hit the deadline. But what they agreed is they can try to do it anyway and if they will miss the deadline they can use the video(s) they will be making to educate people from community, hospitals or schools.

After this they split into small groups and practice what they will be doing in the video they are going to make, because we were still have enough time before we closed the meeting.

After all practice, we closed the meeting at 05pm and make a list with phone numbers of all the 16 youth who will be coming every weekend for practice.

Chrissy Dideriksen