Life Skills with Gwamaka

The topics discussed during this meeting were Life Skills; types of life skills; The importance of Life Skills.

Fortunately they had the big room to discuss these issues because they divided into separate groups and had Focus Group Discussions.  There were three groups.  Each group discussed all three topics and then had presentations afterwards.

Some youth had questions about how Hydrocephalus could impair life skills and some had benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH) could influence.    So even in this in relation to the basic questions for youth were :

How could people with older age acquire BPH? Could BPH be spread from one to another?

The explanation from the medical person was that BPH is because of older age and that is the factor to get BPH.  The older you are, the more likely for MEN to get BPH. 

And I as the leader have explained to the group that you cannot get BPH from one man to another.

Chrissy Dideriksen